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IdeaRethinking Technology Service Delivery.  At MAXX Potential, we believe in the power of perseverance, and that everyone is capable of achieving their full potential. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand, and access to the right resources.  We are able to provide technology services at some of the most affordable rates in the world, because we extend that helping hand and grow our own talent, right here in the USA.

  • Offshore rates, 100% onshore resources
  • Special pricing packages for startups
  • Headquartered in the historic Manchester District of Downtown Richmond
  • Serving customers worldwide

MAXX Potential has developed a unique apprenticeship program, which selectively identifies candidates and then provides coaching and on the job training in technical areas where there is an unmet demand. Using proprietary assessment techniques, we identify the best fit for each individual — that sweet spot in between their personal strengths and unexplored passions.

In other words…we don’t buy talent, we build it!

Services What We Do

PhoneMobile Applications

At MAXX, we definitely embrace the “Mobile First!” philosophy. Personal devices are the first place many customers will look for you.

  • Specializing in mobile application development
  • iPhone to Android application porting (phones and tablets)
  • HTML5 development with responsive design to support multi-device compatibility

Web Design and DevelopmentWeb Design and Development

The Web is still your primary “Window to the world”.  We provide a full range of web services at far lower than a traditional agency cost

  • Affordable web design packages, priced for small businesses
  • Search engine optimization and monitoring
  • Experience with multiple content management, commerce platforms, and back office systems


TestingTesting Services

Application testing is an area that is often overlooked.  Find out your website’s maximum capacity BEFORE it goes down.

  • Automated application testing script development
  • Performance testing to speed up page load times
  • Load and stress testing to identify break points and weaknesses

MaintenanceMaintenance and Support

When something goes wrong, who do you call?  Let us give you one less thing to worry about by monitoring your systems and proactively responding to incidents.

  • Web site monitoring and basic maintenance services
  • Basic helpdesk services and technology support
  • A one-stop connection to all your technology suppliers

Jobs Careers at Maxx

wheelchairNo experience? No problem. At MAXX, we look for two things: attitude and aptitude. That is because we know that as long as you bring those two things to the table, you can learn the rest.  We are a unique kind of company, looking for unique individuals to join our team.

We offer:

  • On the job training with a clear career path and the ability to grow
  • Access to a wealth of training across many IT disciplines
  • The opportunity to work on real projects and build a portfolio
  • Flexible hours and a casual, creative work environment
  • A merit-based culture that places creativity and execution above titles and static hierarchies

We will work with you to better understand your natural gifts and talents, and look for opportunities to apply them on real world projects where you will know you are making a difference. Thinking about a career change?

We can help you avoid incurring additional debt, and get paid while you learn.


News Latest Posts

Richmond Technology Apprenticeship

It’s official!

MAXX Potential has partnered with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to offer the Commonwealth’s first registered technology apprenticeships.

What this means: MAXX Potential is pioneering a new on-the-job approach to a technical education. All current and future apprentices at MAXX Potential have the option to advance their training along one of our registered apprenticeship tracks, giving them the option to develop their passions, not to mention a debt-free path to a technology career.

How it works: Employees who choose to enroll in one of the apprenticeship programs must meet specific requirements for on-the-job hours and classroom training, which is offered in cooperation with the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA). MAXX Potential also offers tuition reimbursement for those who successfully complete course material. Upon completing the program requirements, the Department of Labor will issue a formal journeyman certification. Current certification paths include:

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Graphic Designer
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer, Applications


Interested in pursuing a career in technology and joining the MAXX team?
Sign up for our next bootcamp in August!

Richmond tech apprenticeships

Portfolio: YWCA

MAXX Potential is proud to announce that we have just finished designing and building the new website for YWCA Richmond! One of our graphic designers, Elizabeth, also produced their 2013 annual report.

Since 1887, the YWCA has been helping women and children in the community of Richmond take charge of their lives by providing a safe haven, support resources, and a jump start to children’s education. The YWCA supports women and children of all ages, races, and income levels while acknowledging and celebrating the profound impact women have on our community.

With their recent crisis shelter expansion and growing child development center, they needed a new website that was more cost effective for them to maintain and that could grow with them as they serve more women and children in the community. Several members of our team contributed to the final product and everyone was grateful for the learning opportunity!



ywca 2

Portfolio: New Richmond Ventures

Congratulations to New Richmond Ventures (NRV) for their new site which went live on May 21! NRV invests in companies, but not like your typical VC; they are on a mission to jumpstart the Richmond region as a hub for a new breed of startups. By placing value on community, connections, and creativity, New Richmond Ventures connects entrepreneurs with customers and advisors to promote innovative thinking and offer opportunities to mutually share, learn, and grow. NRV is not only an important customer of ours, but also an investor and believer in MAXX Potential’s mission.

NRV landing page


NRV About

2014 RichTech Technology Awards Gala

Wednesday, May 14, several members of our team celebrated MAXX Potential’s nomination for a 2014 Technology Award. MAXX Potential was one of the finalists in the Innovation in Small Business Award, an award given to a local technology company that has demonstrated the ability to achieve commercial success. It was an honor to be a finalist in this category! Congratulations to all the winners at the 2014 RichTech Technology Awards Gala!

Leigha Wilson and Elizabeth Papile at the 2014 RichTech Technology Awards Gala

Leigha Wilson and Elizabeth Papile at the 2014 RichTech Technology Awards Gala

Two Startups Are Now Online

Our team is proud to announce two startups that are now live in the digital sphere with brand new, mobile-optimized websites!

By helping small businesses run more efficiently, Foundation‘s  website is a simple and effective way to connect small businesses with help and support that can make a difference.


Foundation 2

Foundation 3


Our first Brazilian client needed both a website and an iOS app for their services. The mission of PraPagar is to give everyone the ability to make and receive payments, no matter where or when.

Prapagar 2

A New Year at MAXX Potential

We have accomplished a lot this year at MAXX Potential and we are ready to bring a whole new level of tech services to the table in 2014! MAXX recently welcomed a bunch of new members to our team! Flynn, Chris, Ian, and front runner, John, joined us from Catapult Labs. They specialize in Android and iOS development and are able to share some knowledge and experience with our other team members.

IMG_0239 - Copy

John and Leigha


Chris (right) helping Ian with iOS development

Chris helping Ian with iOS development

There has definitely been a lot of learning going on!

In addition to our native Android development project, we have been helping startups who are going “mobile first” with native iOS apps. We have been providing deskside support for Impact Makers, an organization that aligns with our own mission of giving back to the community, and done some extensive Liferay development work for ConnectVA.

We also recently added our first Fortune 500 client, making the most of our recent Liferay learnings and embarking on a whole new enterprise tech experience for many of our team members.

Check back later for more updates from MAXX Potential and follow us on Twitter @MaxxTechnology for daily news and stories (shhh… I hear we’ve also got some major rebranding, and maybe even a site redesign in the works)

A New Kind of Learning

An unconventional and underappreciated alternative to community college or technical school is an apprenticeship program. With the amount of national student debt skyrocketing, it’s no wonder why high school graduates are reluctant to take on such a burden so soon. What’s surprising is that an apprenticeship program allows a company to build their own talent, offer on-the-job-training and mentoring, and create the ideal employee; yet, apprenticeship opportunities are still few and far between.

The field of technology is growing rapidly, and finding skilled workers in tech fields is even harder than ever. What was relevant two years ago, may likely be outdated now. On the plus side, this can open up a new route to a career that may have been overlooked or hidden by the flashing, neon arrows that read “College, this way.” An apprenticeship program is a path where one gets paid to learn, gets exposure to work in their field, and experience an educational environment while remaining hands-on. It combines a person’s individual strengths and unexplored passions into a career they love. After the program is over, the apprentice is the ideal candidate for the job, custom trained and tailored to understand the technology, be familiar with company policies, and get great work done fast (Germany’s got the right idea).

Try looking up a nearby city’s policies on the equivalencies for education and experience and see just how far an apprenticeship can cover in terms of a college degree. In Fairfax, Virginia, for example, four years of work experience in accounting is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in accounting (and without student loan payments)!

Why are tech apprenticeships a better alternative? Because nothing beats doing what you love and learning while you’re doing it.

Want more to read about the benefits of apprenticeship programs? Check out Urban Institute’s article, “Expanding Apprenticeship”.

Staying Busy at MAXX Potential!

We have been very busy here at MAXX Potential; and with the summer already in full swing, we’ve got a lot of exciting new things going on. First off, we welcome two great new hires, Susannah and Josh, who are hard at work with the rest of the team! Here are a few things we have been working on and are now up and running:

Bolder Design
Bolder Design

Rose’s Foal Project
Roses Foal Project


June 22nd we will be participating in the 2013 RVA Hackathon, a 12-hour event where attendees will write a program, application, or develop an idea and present what they made. There will be awards at the end for some of the best stuff. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Be sure to look out for updates about our experience at the Hackathon.

We’ve got a full house here and there are a lot of projects currently in the works, so stick around, get to know our team and see what’s new at MAXX Potential!

Fitness 101 version 2.0

Houston’s best Boot Camp Program just got an awesome website upgrade which showcases the dramatic results they deliver to clients!

This project was an awesome challenge for the team at MAXX, who were given only one requirement by Fitness 101 owner Sean Millhouse -

“Make my website look better.  It needs a fresher look!”

We had to put our heads together to come up with something that would stay true to the gym’s current branding and superhero vibe, while also introducing new capabilities that would do a much better job at showcasing their products and classes.  Take a look at these before and after shots:


Fitness 101 - BEFORE

Fitness 101 – BEFORE

Fitness 101 - After

The all NEW Fitness-101.com

This site required custom graphics and theming, and involved the efforts of several MAXX apprentices.  Kudos to Brandon, Kai and Stephen for getting Fitness101 across the finish line.

We a grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this project and learned a ton, including a lot of information about healthier living!  Even if you aren’t in the Houston area, if you are looking for Fitness Products, or tips on living a healthier lifestyle, check out Fitness-101.com or pick up a copy of Sean’s book.


Congrats to Mongrel Fitness!

We are proud to support the launch of the new Mongrel Fitness website at http://www.mongrelfitness.com.  The Maxx team took this one from concept to delivery, and has so many ideas in store for the future.  It is a privilege to add Mongrel to our family of supported customers.


Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 8.21.43 PM

Welcome new team members!

It has been a busy, busy month here at MAXX, as we are growing fast!

I wanted to send a warm welcome to all of our new team members, who have come on board with such energy and really hit the ground running.

Stephen Shaw joined the Programmer Apprenticeship program in early December, and is most certainly seeing cascading style sheets and WordPress shortcodes in his sleep by now.  Brandon Bihr and Kai Banks came on board right after New Year’s, joining the System Engineer and Graphic Designer programs, respectively.  Charles Loschiavo joined us one week later as our first application tester, and this week started with the arrival of Kyle Crane, who will be our next Programmer apprentice.

We have several sites about to launch, and will also be moving into a larger office space in early March.  Stay tuned for an online portfolio and more pictures very soon. :-)


2012 Pitch For Charity Event

Kim just pitched the MAXX business model to a packed room in Arlington, for the Startup America 2012 Pitch For Charity event.  The pressure was definitely on!  There were 20 companies selected to pitch, and all given a 60-second clock.


Congratulations to TroopID who took home the grand prize, in the form of a $2000 donation to MilitaryFamilies.org.   TroopID is an amazing new technology that stands to significantly improve the opportunities that can be provided to our service men and women and their families.  Kudos!


We can still use your votes in the second chance round.  Please  “Like” our pitch on YouTube.

Maxx Potential at Pitch for Charity 2012

VA Association for Persons in Supported Employment

Exciting news!  MAXX Potential was just selected as the technology supplier for the VA Association for Persons in Supported Employment.  We will be providing on call support services through the end of 2013, in addition to a complete website overhaul.


Looking forward to partnering with this wonderful organization!

Hanover Tech Challenge

MAXX Potential is very excited to be named a finalist in the Hanover Tech Challenge! It is definitely an honor to be considered among so many great companies.

We owe a huge thank you to the Dominion Resources Innovation Center for pulling this all together. On December 6 @ 6PM, the public is invited to join the 15 finalists at the Tech Challenge Hanover judging event at Andrews Hall on the campus of Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA. Please support us, as well as entrepreneurship in our region, by attending the finals.

Hello world!

Welcome to Maxx!  This is our first post.  Website is coming together slowly but surely…but number one priority right now is doing an awesome job for our VIP customer, Wag In The Box!

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